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To Friends & Family

I’ve been trying to think of what to say, how to explain my disappearance from Facebook, or from work. And nothing really sounds that great. I don’t know how to explain in simple terms, because I want people to clue into what’s going on. I think that it’s important.

So, if you don’t know, I have some things to attempt to explain, provide some key details that I have kept very private. Things that are important and vital to everyone, but are kept in the shadows. So, here goes. Read the rest of this entry


Explaining Without Explaining

Have you ever done that?

Trying to explain something without explaining it fully, because if you explain fully then you reveal something that you don’t want to?

Example: Tonight, I was talking to a friend, we have a mutual ex…The same ex that pops up when I have an episode… I wanted to tell her, but I didn’t want to give too much away. It kinda shows me how many of my family and friends actually read my blog, which is fine, because I’m not sure that I could live down the humiliation of my family knowing my innermost secrets. Read the rest of this entry


We were playing around in bed last night. No, not in the nasty way. He was a little buzzed, maybe he was even drunk, and he was being silly. He would roll, taking all the blankets with him. It was fun. I would try to take the blankets back from him, but he would roll and make it where I couldn’t even grab a corner!

We were having fun. And he finally let me have a corner, so I pulled and rolled with the blanket so that I could make sure that he didn’t take any more blankets than what he needed. But he tried rolling again, and since I had most of my weight holding the blanket down, he couldn’t go anywhere. So he came closer, and he pulled down my panties in a certain way…
Read the rest of this entry