Monthly Archives: February 2016

Sunshine and Dogs

Today was a pretty lazy day.

Rockee and I went and ran a few errands this morning, and she got a cookie from the ladies at the bank. Then we woke Dad up. We played with Stone. We enjoyed some sunshine.

Hubby and I will be travelling back to Austin tomorrow afternoon for his last week of training, and my girl will have another lonely week without me. And then things will get really busy with Mom’s surgery and moving. But today, today we had sunshine and good times.





This is Stone - sister in law's pup



I want to write everyday! But I start something and then forget where I’m going with it. So I was thinking, what if you started to ask me questions? Maybe like an advice column? Or if you had questions about the disorders that I have or even what you have, we could talk about them. We could chat about it and I could write a post based on the questions you may have. Of course, everything would be kept anonymous, unless you said otherwise.

You can comment on any post and we can start looking at it there. Or you can find my Facebook page – and message me there. I just want you to know that you can message me any time, we can talk. Just a thought.

Sitting in the Dark


I found this picture the other day on Facebook, and I couldn’t help but think of how perfect it was. “When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.”

Marcus and I, we talked about this just the other day. When I had episode # 12916, we talked about it. We talked about how, when I’m not ok, he will sit with me in the storm, and he will be my rock.

During the episode, we sat on the floor, between my screaming like a lunatic, crying, and trying to hurt myself, my hubby talked to me, listened to me. He was just sitting with me in my darkness.

I hope that I will be that for him when he needs it. I believe that I am. I try to be. I know that when my family is in a crisis, I am the one who they turn to. My mom talks to me, and, eventually, Marcus will talk to me. I think it’s hard for him, one, because he’s male – men find it harder to share emotions (they are taught that it’s a sign of weakness), and he’s Hispanic, so there is a cultural difference there too. I don’t think they believe in mental disorders. If they do, they don’t really talk about it.

I want to be a rock for people, but I need have a rock too. And I am thankful that I have my husband to help me and sit with me in the dark.