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Marriage Equality


I am super excited to say that America finally got one right. Finally, on June 26, 2015, Gay Marriage is legal in all 50 states! I am so excited! Why? Because one right that everyone else has, now everyone can share it. The right to get married and be in love should be equal and available for everyone. And now, It is! Finally, my friends can be “legally” married, my Mom could get married if/when she wants. I think this is great!

Is there going to be backlash? Yes, there always will be.  But Love is Love and I am so happy.



My Two Cents

There have been stories lately, on social media, because I refuse to watch the news or pick up a paper, that just piss me off. And there have been rumors, people running their mouth, and I’m sick of it.

First of all: kids running away. I have been saving this for a while now. I don’t understand why kids are running away. Like the kids who have tons of stuff, fancy clothes, iPads and such, and they run away. Then people post their pictures all over Facebook. Life might be rough at home. I can understand that. And maybe it’s just me, but you can’t just run away. That’s not how life works. I want to run away all the time. But I don’t. Because that’s not how things work. Maybe kids run away because they are sick of being treated like shit, treated like toys, treated like trophies, treated like their only purpose is to be held over someone’s head so their parents can get what they want.

Parents should treat their kids like they are special. Not that everyone gets a trophy or that you don’t have to do anything to get what you want. But treat your kids like they are people, like they matter, like they are the world to you. Their feelings matter. They are human just like you. Their feelings and fears are valid, just like yours.

Next: The whole racial thing. I don’t like it. I don’t understand it. And, personally, I’m tired of hearing about it. A lot of the problem is that both sides think the other is out to get them. That their own is better than the other. That we owe each other. Let me just say, I am not racist. I love you no matter what color your skin is. I don’t care, or wouldn’t care, if you are purple with yellow spots or white with red spots. I don’t care. What I do care about is the way you treat me. If you respect me, I respect you. If you’re being a dick right off the bat when we meet, yea, I’m not going to like you and will probably end up avoiding you.  Be respectful of each other, stay out of business that is not yours, everyone will get along.

A cop is supposed to do his job. His job is to protect and serve. Let me say this, there are crooked cops out there. We see it every day. But don’t let a few bad seeds ruin the entire force. Cops are just trying to do what they are supposed to do. I’m tired of seeing the riots because someone got shot, blah blah blah. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, if everyone followed the law — no stealing or vandalizing, etc. — the cops wouldn’t need to be called? And have you ever thought for a moment, that if a cop gives you an order — like, I don’t know, maybe stopping when they say to stop — he wouldn’t need to pull a gun? If cops feel threatened, they are going to react that’s what they are trained to do. That’s what happens. The same thing would apply to us, if you come up to me and I feel threatened, I’m going to react. Just follow the law. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what color you are. The law applies to everyone. Don’t do something stupid, get mad because you got caught, and then riot in the streets. It’s really stupid and immature.

People Killing Animals: Why? And for the sake of sanity, why do you post the pictures with you smiling? Like what kind of sick person kills an animal just because. Like I understand hunting and fishing, stuff like that. But I don’t understand these people who kill cats, dogs, endangered species and other things of that nature just because. I hate it. I think animals are great and they do serve a purpose. Leave them be, unless they are endangering you or your family. I’m just saying.

And dog fights, or animal abuse, because I see that a lot too, it’s sick. Pits are the most loving dogs I have ever had. And I see no reason to pit them against each other. And I think that if you’re going to abuse an animal, you deserve to be treated the same way you hurt that poor creature.

Another Thing: Christians against everything. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I love that everyone has something to believe in. I believe that there is an after life, there are miracles, and someone created the world we live in. But from my understanding of religion, or of the Christian faith, we are not the judges. We are simply meant to help others and try to show them the way. We are supposed to be beacons for sinners in hopes that others will find God and everything. No where in there does it say — Hate someone because they sin differently than you. I don’t know where everyone got the idea that we can kill people in the name of God, nor do I understand why it’s ok to protest everything. Since when are you perfect? Please tell me that. When was the last time you did everything that God told you to do? You know, you’re not “supposed” to do half of the stuff we do everyday! Eating certain meat, drinking, having sex, getting a divorce, and there are so many more examples. Please, tell me, when was the last time you were perfect? And since you are perfect, let me see you walk on water as well. I’m just saying that believing in a book that is centuries old that states that God is a loving god but you are supposed to fear him, and that you aren’t supposed to do things that you do everyday, I think something is wrong. I’m sorry. I don’t believe in the Bible. I think it’s a great book, that has some great lessons and great stories. But, it was rewritten how many times, by how many different churches, by how many different men, interpreted by how many millions of people? I’m just saying that things aren’t what you may think they are. I don’t believe that if God exists he would want us to hate everyone around us. Last time I checked, he wanted people to live in peace and harmony and be kind to others. If you want to follow a book, that’s fine. I would rather follow a rule that states to be a good person, one who would do unto others as you would like them to do to you. Why can’t we all just strive to be good people?

Apparently, there’s a group of people who call themselves “Christians Against Tattoos” and other modifications. We’re “harmful” to children, and all around bad people. Let me tell you: Some of the best people you will ever know are tattooed/pierced (or even atheist) and some of the meanest, hateful and toxic people go to church every Sunday.

Gay Marriage: Ahhh! Gay marriage! Today, on this day, June 26 of 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States finally ruled that Marriage Equality is legal in all 50 states! This is a landmark! This is exciting! But, it’s also one that is a spark of much debate, much hate, and so many harsh words.

“Gay Marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage.” “I can’t stay married if the gay couple down the street get married!” “One man and One woman!!!” Bigots. The whole lot of you. Do you ever listen to yourself, like when you talk, like ever? I ask, because some people, I really think they have a blockage inside them. Something that the brain is telling their mouth to say something, but they can’t hear themselves talking, and all that comes out is complete garbage. There are a few people that I’ve seen online : a couple who have been happily married for years and a pastor/preacher/church someone important. The couple states that they are going to get a divorce when marriage becomes equal, that they can’t be married if some gay couple, that they don’t even know, gets married. And the pastor? Well they pastor states that he is going to light himself afire if marriage becomes legal. Seriously? Don’t you think that you’re pretty insane to light yourself on FIRE – which, by the way, can, oh, I don’t know KILL YOU! Seriously? Overly dramatic? And they say that the gay community is DRAMA!

Here’s my input: Why can’t everyone be happy? Everyone stay out of everyone else’s DAMN business and just get along? Or, don’t get married. Here, how about this: If you don’t want to get married, don’t get married. If you don’t want a gay wedding, don’t have one, don’t go to one. If you want to get married, then get married. If you want to wear nothing but rainbows for the rest of your life, marry the person you’ve been in love with for years, and genuinely be a good person, then BY ALL MEANS, do just that. I don’t understand.

Oh, and another thing that I don’t understand, how is this going to “ruin the sanctity of marriage”? Seriously. Like, Brittney Spears can have, what was it, a 55 minute marriage and that doesn’t “ruin the sanctity”? But, a couple who genuinely love each other, who would die for each other, who have dealt with hate and people telling them “no you can’t be together because it’s “immoral” ” who actually want to get married and deal with life together are going to ruin the damn “Sanctity”??? Please, tell me how much sense that makes.

“The bible says this: ____” well do you know what else the book says? It says to honor your mother and father, be kind to your fellow man, don’t get divorced, don’t drink wine, don’t eat a certain kind of meat, don’t wear pants, don’t have sex unless your married. Just out of that list, how many of those have you done just today? I’m just saying that if you want to believe a book, that’s fine. But don’t sit there and condemn everyone else just because YOU don’t like how they live. What was the saying? Hate the sin not the sinner? Seriously. If you want to consider being in love a sin, that’s fine…Well it’s not fine, but you know what I mean. Don’t sit there and condemn someone because they are in love.

Love is love

And as a last statement, why can’t we all just try to be good people?