Lost Identity

Are we really who we are? Or are our disorders making us into someone else?

DO we really know ourselves, or do we simply know our disorder?

Healthy Place had an article on this earlier today. Find their article here: Depression: What The Mentally Ill Know

I believe that we know who we are, maybe the real us, the real me, is tucked deep inside. We shield ourselves from so much stigma and the pain of our illnesses.

I know that I am more than my depression, PTSD, anxiety, and bipolar. I know that is a fact. But sometimes, that is all I see. I don’t see that I am a hard worker, or a lover, or a daughter. I see that I am bipolar. I see that I am depressed.

In Healthy Place’s article, they say that the mentally ill are more than just ill. They become educators to family and friends, they become advocates for themselves.

I want to believe that I’m becoming an educator. That, by blogging my experiences, people will realize that I, and others like me, are more than just our illnesses. Just because I’m bipolar, doesn’t mean that I am crazy. Or that I will switch emotions at the drop of a hat. Just because I’m bipolar doesn’t mean that I can’t have real or meaningful relationships.

Just because I’m a self harmer, doesn’t mean that I am psychotic. It doesn’t mean that I’m homicidal or suicidal. It means that I cope in different ways than you do. It doesn’t mean that it makes sense to you. And that’s ok.

I want to be an educator. I want to be an advocate.

But, you have to think, too, that those will illnesses, we are advocates for ourselves. We have to show people, like our doctors, how we are doing or how poorly our experiences with medications are. We learn to talk to doctors in terms that we all understand.

We become researchers. We research treatment options, coping skills, warning signs, treatment centers, and prescription help.

We become detectives. Finding out what our personal triggers are, how to minimize exposure, and ways to cope in the event that we are triggered. We find that there are others out there like us, we find communities that will help us in the event that we become triggered.

We learn what triggers are, what coping skills are, what medications and side effects are. We are more than our disorders.

We are more than a number.

We are more than a stigma.

We are more.

And we will be more than a lost identity.


About Preslee

I am diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Panic and Anxiety disorders, and PTSD. I write about my own personal experiences and thoughts.

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