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I believe an introduction is in order! I’m Amber (not Preslee) and I will be your host this evening (more like afternoon here). I know what you’re thinking- STRANGER DANGER! So let’s get to know each other.

Here’s some background on me: I’m a friend of Preslee’s from our brief stints at college. One of the things we share is our struggle with depression and related issues that she covers in her blog. I am also a blogger but mine covers my experiences as a nanny for a little girl with Down syndrome and a sister to three teens with special needs. You can check out my blog here: http://fromear2ear.wordpress.com/

As you will notice, Preslee is going to be M.I.A. for a bit. I could tell you that she is away on a magical adventure or busy being knighted by the Queen, but Preslee has given me permission to disclose her whereabouts and wants me to keep y’all posted until she returns.

Three days ago, Preslee had an appointment with her therapist. She had really been struggling this past week, more than usual. She told me that she has days where it’s really bad, but never for a week straight. That’s something I understand from experience and will hopefully find the strength to delve into in another post. First, let me tell you something I’ve learned about Preslee: this girl is a fighter. She’s been fighting and fighting but this illness is something that can drain you of your will to live before you even see it coming. She’s been doing all the right things- finding a psychiatrist, a therapist, scheduling and attending appointments, taking meds, talking about it- but everyone’s strength has limits when it comes to this. Here’s where she blows me away… no matter how badly she wanted to skip it, she went to her therapy appointment on Tuesday and told her therapist everything. I am so proud of her, y’all have no idea… it’s hard enough to admit to yourself when you need help, but admitting it to a professional, knowing that it is likely to cause concern, is brave. That’s just how Preslee is- brave.

After disclosing her struggles with resisting suicide she was sent to be evaluated for hospitalization. Later that night she was admitted to an inpatient program at a mental health facility and so far is expected to be there for about a week. She called me after her initial appointment and kept me posted. What I remember most was that she was scared. So was I. I’m so in awe of how brave she has been. I honestly don’t know if I could do it. Her decision to get help before taking her own life is something that words cannot describe for me. I know she worries about how her depression affects her loved ones, her mother and husband especially. She’s selfless in her pursuit of healing and now needs to do it for herself too.

They doctor at the facility has her on Neurontin, Seroquel, and Celexa. What we don’t understand is why he’s having her take Seroquel PRN throughout the day when she was only taking it at night. Today he upped all her dosages and still isn’t explaining things very well but Preslee is doing well considering. It’s been frustrating for her because he has her on Seroquel 24/7 and then talks super fast every time she sees him, which is always for a very short amount of time. It’s pretty much ridiculous to expect anyone to follow what you’re saying when they’re constantly tired and never given a chance to ask questions. Long story short, she’s doing better but still has a ways to go. She’s also gotten official diagnoses that I will go over in another post after I do a bit of research.


I really respect her honesty with y’all. I still haven’t been able to publicly discuss my struggles with mental illness, so she’s been a very good example for me in that regard. Maybe someday I can be as real as she is. 🙂

I tried to keep it light, but the ugly truth is that mental illness is anything but light. Our girl Preslee is a fighter, and is on her way to recovery because of the healthy choices she made. If there’s anything y’all want to tell me about yourselves or anything you want me to tell Preslee, let me know in the comments!!! I’d love to hear from her readers!


From Ear 2 Ear on Eros & Psyche,






About fromear2ear

I'm a 20 year-old with the spirit of a nine year-old, currently working as a nanny for a sassy seven year-old with Down syndrome and a four year-old boy with an old soul. I have three siblings (for all intensive purposes) with developmental delays, and an older bio-sis who dominates the field of physics. My sibs got me into volunteering for Special Olympics Texas and I went on to work with more organizations in advocacy for individuals with special needs.

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  1. She is really brave to have taken this step. I admire her for that. May she feel better soon. I know how absurd that seems, because this is a battle which is constantly fought.. But I sincerely wish her the very best.

  2. Please let her know that I am thinking of her and wishing her a future filled with healing and peace. She’s not only brave for doing what she did, but for allowing her awesome example to be shared with her readers. When we need help, we need to pursue help…even when it scares the ever-living daylights out of us.

    • Thank you! I was super scared, and cried a lot. But I’m doing so much better now. I have a wonderful support system, online and in my life. I appreciate your concern and kind words.

  3. I’m glad she reached out. Its no fun being stuck in a psych unit especially when things are not explained and they keep you drugged (been there, done that way too many times). Sending love and hope her way. ♥

    • Thanks for the love and hope, I definitely needed it and still need it. It wasn’t a psych unit, it was actually a hospital completely dedicated to mental health and chemical dependency. It took me a couple of days to get used to the meds. My brain finally caught up with what was going on. Thank you.

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