The Possession

A face, so quiet and innocent. Who knew what was hiding beneath?

A smile, so fragile. Hiding secrets and lies and the monster that hides beneath.

Though the outside seems so plain, the shadows creep through. Silently plotting and brooding.

Revenge, a simple word. But it packs a punch.

He smiled. Showing the world how “normal” he was, while he, himself, had no definition of the world.

“I appreciate this opportunity.” He said. A sly smile turning his cheeks.

The man looked…nervous, as though he knew what has hiding behind the mask. He took the extended hand and shook on it. The deal was done.

“Good luck to you. And yours…” There was a pause, hopefully it’s wasn’t caught. “Have a good one.” He smiled, and tried to be genuine, but he quickly rushed away.

He caught the man’s pause. His smile faltered, only for a second, replaced by determination.

Walking away, he held it in his hand. The possession of which he had longed for. He finally had it.

For as long as he could remember, he longed for his. He dreamt about it. It possessed his thoughts and dreams, days upon days obsessed with what he didn’t have. And now he had it.

Hiding it away in his jacket, he retreated down an alley. Noticing all the crowds on the streets, this was the way to ensure that no one else could capture what was now his. He was proud! Giddy even. His search was over!

He arrived home. Alone with his possession, he crossed the threshold, locking the door tightly. Checking one last time out the window to ensure that he was alone, he closed all the curtains and ran to the back of the house.

Down the stairs, through the long hall, grabbing the key above, he turned the knob. Stepping inside, he flicked the switch that illuminated the room. And there it was. His treasure he kept secret from the world.

She was asleep. She didn’t notice his arrival. But being asleep wouldn’t stop him. The monster would cross the room and begin. She was curled up as tight as she could be, but it wouldn’t save her.

He climbed on the bed. Sitting beside her body, he pulled the possession from his pocket. He looked at it and her. He knew what he had to do.

He grabbed her leg, taking her ankle in his hand so sweetly. She didn’t recognize his touch, something was different. She heard the tumble of the lock and felt the pressure that had been holding her in place release. She looked up.

His face twisted. It was nasty and pained. She had no idea what he’d done for her. He released all the restraints and pulled her upright.

She sat there, hair falling in her face, eyes dark. She sat there and watched him. Something was different. He was different. Before she could speak, he grabbed her around the waist. He was…hugging her? She couldn’t believe it.

“What is this?” She breathed.

He released his hold on her and looked her in the eyes. He had watched them grow dim over the years. He could still remember when they first met.

How beautiful and young was she? Her hair, golden and glowing in the sun. Eyes, so bright that they could out shine the stars themselves. He had announced himself with flowers. She smiled recognizing the shine in his eyes that matched hers. What happened to him?

Somewhere along the way, he had become the monster that haunted her dreams. Even worse, he made her nightmares come to life. His experiments that changed her forever, and him, too. How could he make this right?

He had searched for years. Tried so hard to find the thing that would change everything back. The one that would make him himself again. The one thing that would change her and make her forget. And he had finally found it.

He smiled at her. That creepy smile that didn’t quite fit his face. It twisted and turned and could dissolve even the toughest of men. It was the one that she had learnt so long ago. It meant that things were going to be bad.

He gripped her hand and thrust the possession into it. He watched as she looked it over, but she couldn’t figure it out.

It was small, and innocent, just like she used to be. Before the nightmares had taken her, she might have recognized it for what it was. But now, she just didn’t know. She couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t. Surely this was just another nightmare. She had to wake up.

He pulled the possession back. Examining it once more, he cocked it. He aimed at her.

She looked at him, unafraid. She was dreaming. This wasn’t real.

He squeezed the trigger.

The last thing she heard, “I’m sorry.”

He released her from the one thing he couldn’t fix. The one thing that would never stop chasing after her would never harm her again.

And then he turned on himself. Saying a quiet prayer, “forgive me for failing her.” And with his last breath, he pulled the trigger.

He had saved them both. Her, from herself. Him, from all of his failures.


About Preslee

I am diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Panic and Anxiety disorders, and PTSD. I write about my own personal experiences and thoughts.

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