The Right

On Facebook this morning, a sponsored ad was asking me to sign a petition for equality. I liked the picture and was curious to see all the comments, there were over 2k!
There are many people that don’t believe in marriage equality. We had this same problem how many years ago when only the same colors could marry? Whites could only be with whites and blacks could only be with blacks. Yet here we are again, singling out a group, callin it unjust and detrimental to the tradition of marriage.

It’s funny isn’t it? All the arguing over something so simple?

I can see both sides. Honest. The church wants to keep theirs, what’s holy and just. Backing up their statements with quotes and verses from the bible, a book written hundreds of years ago and reformed by the Catholic Church a very long time ago. They use scare tactics when rewriting it. And I’m not tryin to say anything bad about the church, I have nothing against them. But you have to think, when they had the enlightenment, everything changed. They couldn’t stand the “barbarian” rituals or festivals so they told the people how wrong it was. And changed everything. And then, king James came in and rewrote the book too. I’m just saying that, unless you have the original documents that are supposed to make up the bible, how do you really know what it originally said?

The church says that equality in marriage will kill the sanctity of marriage. Isn’t that a funny thing? Why? Oh, because of everything else that happens in the world, the one thing that’s going to ruin marriage is the gays actually having rights. Really? So…you’re saying that adultery doesn’t ruin marriage? Divorce doesn’t ruin marriage? Polygamy doesn’t ruin marriage? What else is there? But really, what’s going to bring down marriage is if you let the gay community get married, it’s just going to ruin everything? Really?

If you want to talk about rights and freedoms, lets go back a ways, shall we? What was it, when we first got to America, only men had rights. And then it was only white men. Why? I don’t know. But women and blacks had no say so. Everyone fought hard for their rights, and all anyone wants is to be treated equally.

Here’s what should happen, in my opinion. If you don’t want to have a gay marriage, don’t get one, don’t attend one, leave it alone. If you want to marry. Get married. If the church doesn’t want to be involved in gay marriage, they don’t have to be. I think that the church has a right to refuse, based on their religious view, yada yada. But the government? There is no reason why a couple can’t go down to the JP and get married.

Why can’t we all just shut up, let everyone have the same rights as everyone else, and get along? If you don’t like it, ok, but you don’t have to yell at people saying that they are going to hell just because you don’t agree with something they are doing. And who are you to judge anyway? Doesn’t it say in the bible that only God can be the judge, yet, here you are, passing judgement? Are you perfect? Are you without sin? Have you done nothing to ruin the sanctity of marriage? Like, have a divorce, or have cheated on your spouse? I just don’t see how we can judge who gets rights and who doesn’t. If someone wants to get married, let them. That’s all I’m saying.



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I am diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Panic and Anxiety disorders, and PTSD. I write about my own personal experiences and thoughts.

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