One More Night

Oh, another wonderful night at work. The upside? I didn’t cry getting ready, heading out the door, or on the trip here. The downside? I am now over booked? Is that the word? I’m not sure…anyhow, there are way more residents than me, more than normal.

It’s been a pretty ok night. It’s been busy!!! But I think I like when it’s busy, it gives me time to NOT think about things. But at the same time, I like my down time. It allows me to document and everything. That’s hard to do when you’re busy.

Anyhow, pretty good night. It was a day full of sleep, and, truth be told, I’m still tired. After I posted about Rockee today, I crashed. Hard. I took one of my anxiety pills, the dr said that it could be used to help me sleep, and let me tell you! That with my other med, wow. Talk about some sleep! I crashed. I woke up really groggy at 10 something, really just long enough to let Rockee out. Then sometime around 12 Hubby came in. And I still went back to bed. I slept until 6. I don’t think I will be doing that again unless I absolutely have to because I’m not sleeping. But, it was nice to actually be able to sleep.

So, around 1:45ish, one of the aides comes up to me and asks where one of the nurses is. Are? I’m not sure about the grammar… Anyhow! Do I look like a nurse keeper? No. So I told her I didn’t know where she was, why? And she’s like “I’m sick. I’ve been throwing up all night, can’t keep anything down.” Ok… I’m all for going home when your sick. I’ve done it. But I make sure that there are enough people to cover, just in case. Unless I really can’t. (Like that one time I was so dizzy I almost dropped someone…yea…that’s not a good thing.) the other thing is that state is here. Well not “right now” but they are surveying us. IF, for some reason, they decide this is the night they are going to drop in on, we are fucked. Why? Because we have 3 aides to like…over 100 people. And I’m sorry, but most of the nurses don’t help. So…tell me how this is going to work? Because I really don’t get it.

Anyhow, so this girl left. After spending an additional 20 minutes in the building. She left and people immediately started talking. They are saying all sorts of things starting at “she was fine all night” and ending somewhere along the lines of “they should just fire her.” That makes me wonder what they say while I’m not here. :/ Not good.

I am a good aide. I do my job well. It might not be exactly what state wants, but I do a heck of a job taking care of my residents. I got complimented last night by a resident. They know that I do my job. I rarely ask for help from the other aides, and, when I’m not too busy, I offer to help them. They still think I’m a bitch. Making very rude comments about me, acting “shocked” that I would offer to help. Well, yea, I’m not that heartless, I’m just busy. But obviously they don’t think so. Work my hall and deal with my people and tell me how you’re not busy!

I also found out that one resident of mine is trying to pass. He’s not doing well, at all. I noticed it yesterday when I got him up. He just looked like he wasn’t doing too well and wasn’t being rambunctious like he usually does. It’s really sad to see someone go downhill so fast. It’s even harder when they do actually pass. This is the life in a nursing facility.

This is probably my most random post yet. I’m out in my car on my break, listening to music and enjoying the peace. I’m tired and ready to go home. But I think it’ll be ok.


About Preslee

I am diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Panic and Anxiety disorders, and PTSD. I write about my own personal experiences and thoughts.

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