When We Are Here

I hate when we’re here.

We’re at the in laws. And it would be a problem except there is a huge tension. Hubby hasn’t been on his ADD meds for about a month now. When we come down, he kinda likes to show how immature he still is, haven’t figured out why, but he does. BIL keeps yelling at him like he’s a small child. Like he can control him or the things that he does. It’s enough that his mom yells at him, but BIL needs to back off.

BIL and I have problems, I wish we didn’t, for the sake of Hubby. But we have never really gotten along since hubby and I got together. When hubby left home, BIL said some awful things about me in emails to hubby. This is his way of trying to control things. For example, today when we got here BIL acted out, yelled at his own mother for who knows what. It’s ridiculous that this continues and nothing is ever said about it. It’s like try are afraid to say anything to him.

He’s been complaining about his lack of a job, how Hubby and his sister are behaving, and that his mom does things on purpose to piss him off. When hubby does something, and yea, I understand its annoying, but there is no reason to yell at him.

BIL needs to get a job and a life. He has nothing better to do than to criticize others. I think he does this because he has low self esteem, and he probably has some mental disorder or illness. He expressed his concern to hubby last time we we’re here. He thinks he’s bipolar. Well, he could be. He’s depressed, that’s obvious. He could have other things going on. He needs help and he won’t go get it. He won’t take a step to get better. He wallows in his self pity, tries to make others as miserable as he is, then blames everyone else for his problems. Take responsibility for your actions and your health. If you are concerned, get up the courage to make a change. If you are scared, like I was, call someone or have someone call for you. But you have to want to get better and I just don’t think that he does.

The last fight we got into, and I posted about it too, he told hubby that I make him miserable. That I’m the reason he can’t come over. He says that he has enough misery in his life and I just add to it.

I know everyone is fighting a battle. He is obviously fighting something other than just me. But he needs help, and he doesn’t want to get better.

This is what I’m dealing with today.

Hope all of you are having a better time than I am.


About Preslee

I am diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Panic and Anxiety disorders, and PTSD. I write about my own personal experiences and thoughts.

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