Irritating Misconceptions

I’ve noticed that when I say “I’m depressed.” People…well…they look at me weirdly.

Here’s the thing:

“Depressed people don’t work.” This is bullshit. Yea, I’m depressed, and yes I’m depressed in my job. There are some people who CAN’T work due to their conditions, the severity of their depression. I, however, can work. Though, believe me, if I could afford to NOT work, I definitely wouldn’t be working.

“Depressed people are crazy.” No….Not really. No crazier than you.

“Depressed? You’re too happy to be depressed…” UMMMM NO! And, really, where have you been? I am a depressed individual, but I do have good days.

“Depressed people don’t leave their homes.” Well, some don’t. I do. I love to leave my house. But there are days, that I want nothing more than to curl up on my couch and never leave. Just like, I would love to hide under the covers in bed and never come out. But there are days, when it’s sunny, that I love to be outside and enjoy the sunshine.

“Depressed people abuse medicines.” Some do…I don’t. But some do.

“You don’t need medicine to be happy.” Some people don’t. I do. But, I’ve been unmedicated for about a month and I feel…Ok? I’m ok. But, no, some people don’t need the medication to be happy. But some people have chemical imbalances that the medicine does help.

“You just need to try something different to be happy.” Well, that could work for some people. But it hasn’t really worked for me. But thanks for the advice.

I’m not crazy. I live with depression and anxiety, there is a chance that I’m bipolar. I can work, I can leave my house, but I have bad days too. There are days that I can cry for no reason. There are days that I can laugh for no reason. But I am not crazy.

Just because you went through a phase in life doesn’t mean that mine is a phase. It also doesn’t mean that what worked for you, will work for me or for someone else.

Everyone is different, and just because we’re dealing with something that you don’t understand doesn’t mean that we are crazy or defective. We’re just different and dealing with life the best that we can.


About Preslee

I am diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Panic and Anxiety disorders, and PTSD. I write about my own personal experiences and thoughts.

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