Concerts, Pits, Attitude, & Sun Burns

So this was Hubby’s birthday weekend! And it was AWESOME!

Birthday Man!

Birthday Man!

Friday was not all that great, but we did have a good day together. I got to go to dinner with Hubby and his family. I would have been happy had it just been the two of us… But ya know how in laws are. There was a little conflict at dinner, not to mention the conflict before dinner. All the while, I was texting my sister, we made plans to hang out after dinner so that I wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.

Sis and I haven’t been together alone for a very long time, probably since I was about 10 years old. So we went to down town Fort Worth, and we went to a place called Ferre, where she introduced me to the bar tender. The bar tender’s name was Kristi, apparently she used to date Miguel, Sis’s ex-husband. Anyhow, she was a hoot. The best time I’ve ever had. We were going to stay out longer, but I was tired and Hubby wanted to know when I would be back, so I had her drop me off at Mom’s house. I hung out there for a while, which was fun. I got to spend a little time with Mom and Vera before I had to go back to the in laws.

The next morning was a little taste of chaos. There was an issue with clothes, because Hubby didn’t want me to wear a new shirt, certain that it would be ruined, well I didn’t have anything else to wear. So I was told that we would go pick me up a shirt. Well, that didn’t happen. Which I don’t know if I’m necessarily upset about or not. But the drama of course picked up. Go fucking figure. BIL voiced his opinion when it wasn’t asked.

We had to make sure that BIL had a phone, in the event that we got separated he would be able to find us, or whatever. So we went to RadioShack thinking that they would have a SIM card, well they didn’t. So we went to walmart, where the guys went to buy a new phone and I went to find a shirt. But, by the time I found one, they had already checked out. So I knew that the guys wanted to hurry, and yes, maybe I did have an attitude, but I said (something along the lines of) “let’s go, since we’re in such a big hurry.” Should I have said it that way? No. But I started walking off anyhow. And, of course, I heard “well, if she doesn’t chill out, then I will just go home.” I did really well and held my tongue when I really wanted to say well go ahead! But I walked away.

By the time we got to the concert, BIL had been complaining about several things, including the traffic and other things. Then, he complained about the parking costing $20, he didn’t have to pay for it, so why the fuck was he complaining? There was a really long line, which he complained about. He made fun of almost every person in the line. It was ridiculous.



When we got in, I got a compliment on my shirt!! I was wearing my 30 Seconds To Mars shirt that Hubby had gotten me a few years ago. I was happy, totally made up for the morning.

The concert was really good. There were a couple of bands that I wasn’t impressed with. I felt like we were being followed by a lost puppy (BIL). But it was a good day. I felt bad for Hubby, I felt as though he were being placed between the two of us. BIL was like really striving for Hubby’s attention, and I was just trying to be supportive.



I got to see several bands that I knew, some that I didn’t, some that I hated, and some that I fell in love with. It was a great time, until I got hot…That was some time between 1-3. We were watching Attila, which was a very good band, that had a CRAZY mosh pit. I had to go sit down because my head was hurting, because I got hot and sun burned, it probably didn’t help that I was starving. So I sat in the stands, in the shade. I started to feel better around 6, but I had a bad headache. But I was totally pumped because some of the headliners were about to come on. I finally saw Chiodos LIVE! And then we stayed for Escape The Fate, and even got to watch Johnny Craig. We were going to leave after Johnny Craig, because I wasn’t feeling well, and hubby was tired.



BIL kept trying to get Hubby to stay with him after Johnny Craig, Hubby simply said “Nah, man. I’m tired. We’ll be in the car.” I was so proud of Hubby! He took my side! He chose me. I told him that we could stay if he wanted. There were just a couple more bands. But he said he was ready to go. He was hungry, hot and tired. So on our way to the car, he told me that this wouldn’t be happening again. I said, why not? He told me that BIL had been complaining most of the time. And, of course, I asked if it was about me. He said that it wasn’t, but he had gotten upset when Hubby suggested going home. “This is my birthday present too, I’m not going to miss my favorite band just because someone doesn’t feel well.” OK… So then stay there! Plus, you know that if it had been him, he would have thrown a fit to leave. I wasn’t throwing a fit, I was really trying to enjoy it and stick it out!

Anyhow, so Hubby and I plan on going to Warped Tour in August. I had such a blast, even having to deal with BIL, I can’t wait to go again. Just, you know, without our tag along.

The one thing that I can’t get over: everything is über-expensive! It’s crazy! $4 for a bottle of water, $6 for a beer!

Also, it’s a major wonder that I didn’t get high. There was pot everywhere! Everyone was smoking! Crazy! How did they not get arrested? I have no idea.

I am sunburned….But I can’t wait for the next concert!

Me & Babe, Sunburned, can't wait until Warped Tour!

Me & Babe, Sunburned, can’t wait until Warped Tour!


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